The Path Not Taken – Mustang Concepts That Never Were

In 1964 the Mustang debuted and was an immediate hit, with hundreds of thousands of Mustangs sold in the first year alone. But the concept cars that went in to make the Mustangs we have today a rarely acknowledged. Recently, however, we came across this great gallery Road & Track have put together which showcases various concepts for the Ford Mustang that never came to fruition for one reason or another.

Spend some time and take a look through the gallery. It makes you wonder just how well some of these would have sold if they went on sale.


Ford Mustang returns to Australia after almost 50 years

Fantastic news this week for all Mustang fans down under. The Ford Mustang is returning to Australia after almost 50 years. The last time a Ford Mustang was imported to Australia as a right-hand-drive car was in the late 1960s.

Late last year reports circulated that the next generation Mustang would also be produced in right-hand-drive. Mainly to make the car more appealing to UK (and Australian) buyers.

Australian news website claims Ford’s global vice-president of sales and marketing, Jim Farley, will officially deliver the news next month. The website claims “The normally secretive Ford is taking the unusual step of making the announcement early because it is trying to reassure Australians it will continue to sell cars here even though it will close its manufacturing operations after 90 years.”

Earlier this year Ford revealed that they would be shutting down the company’s Australia manufacturing operations in 2016. About the same time the Mustang will arrive, replacing the Falcon as the brand’s performance car option in the country.

Stay tuned.


FoMoCo Release New 1964 Mustang Production Images

The Ford Motor Company never forgets its heritage and is constantly showing us exactly how proud a company they are. That’s why last year you may remember they launched, a site with archival photos of all FORD images that were previously locked away but now available for purchase.

Now recently released images of Ford Motor Company’s San Jose plant show us just what Mustang production looked like in 1964 in Milpitas, California. The first Mustang rolled off the line at the San Jose plant early Friday morning on July 10, 1964. [Read more…]