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FoMoCo Release New 1964 Mustang Production Images

The Ford Motor Company never forgets its heritage and is constantly showing us exactly how proud a company they are. […]

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Ford Announce New Body Shells For 1964-1966 Mustangs At SEMA

A few days ago we posted about the possibility of a brand new officially licensed Ford body shell. specifically 1964-1966 models. Well the rumors were true and we

Will Ford Unveil New Licensed Repro 1965–1966 Mustang Bodies SEMA 2011?

The 1967-1970 Ford Dynacorn bodies have been around now for a few years. They've done well in making restorations available and affordable for many more people. But news

Designer of the Mustang, Donald Nelson Frey, Dies at 86

Earlier this month, Donald Nelson Frey, the co-creator of the Ford Mustang passed away from an apparent stroke. Donald was the lead engineer responsible for the overall development

Putting A 1966 Mustang On The Roof Of The Empire State Building

Here's a really cool story that's been dug up from the Mustang vaults. Back in 1966 Ford wanted to celebrate the fact that its Mustang was the