Man Wants Mustang – Turns Lamborghini Into One

lamborghini gallardo mustang

Could this be the worst car faux pas of the decade? Well It brings tears to my eyes seeing this and has got to be the most absurd and in my opinion idiotic thing ever done to a Lamborghini. I don’t have anything to go off except the photos, and the fact the car was on display at SEMA in 2007. Basically they have taken a stock Lamborghini Gallardo and fabricated a Mustang around it. The result? A Mustang on the outside with Lamborghini power. [Read more…]

VIDEO: The Ultimate Private Car Collection


This is not entirely Mustang related but all car enthusiasts should appreciate this. This has to be the most amazing private car collection I have ever seen. Yes it’s a private collection, owned by a figure that goes by the name of ‘The Sultan of Michigan’. The whereabouts and ownership of the collection are two things that the owner prefers to keep private. Check out the video after the jump [Read more…]