This Is The Best Vintage Steering Wheel Ever Made!

It’s been some four years since we last shared information about the wonderful European made steering wheels we managed to track down coming out of France. For those uninitiated after the Gone In 60 Seconds movie remake became popular there was a rush to build ‘Eleanor’ clones that were movie correct. Unfortunately shortly after the movie finished the steering wheel factory that made these wheels changed it’s base of operation from France to the US and as a result a drop in quality was noticed. Here’s our initial comparison and here’s our follow up.

After a lot of searching we managed to track down a French operation creating these original wheels and they are of supreme quality and workmanship. Our contact, Dom, not only produces these ‘movie correct’ steering wheels for early Mustangs but he also produces period wheels for all kinds of vintage automobiles. Through the wonders of the internet we can now see and purchase any of Dom’s wheels right HERE! And the rest of his range HERE. Thank us later.

Original Eleanor Movie Correct French Steering Wheels Still Available!

Quite some time ago I posted about how difficult it was to find the steering wheel Eleanor displayed in the movie. You may remember the Lecarra wheels were originally French made but something happened and production stopped for months upon months. Once manufacturing resumed they then became US made wheels and was this writers opinion that the quality was not as good. Why? Well I’ve owned both versions. The French ones were far more smoother, felt of a higher craftsmanship and of course were a match to the movie car. That being it had 18 rivets whereas the newer US one only had 9.

Well a reader reminded me this week of a French site that still makes the original wheels. It’s something I forgot to share with you all when I found out about them. All the info after the jump. [Read more…]