Ford Mustang returns to Australia after almost 50 years

Fantastic news this week for all Mustang fans down under. The Ford Mustang is returning to Australia after almost 50 years. The last time a Ford Mustang was imported to Australia as a right-hand-drive car was in the late 1960s.

Late last year reports circulated that the next generation Mustang would also be produced in right-hand-drive. Mainly to make the car more appealing to UK (and Australian) buyers.

Australian news website claims Ford’s global vice-president of sales and marketing, Jim Farley, will officially deliver the news next month. The website claims “The normally secretive Ford is taking the unusual step of making the announcement early because it is trying to reassure Australians it will continue to sell cars here even though it will close its manufacturing operations after 90 years.”

Earlier this year Ford revealed that they would be shutting down the company’s Australia manufacturing operations in 2016. About the same time the Mustang will arrive, replacing the Falcon as the brand’s performance car option in the country.

Stay tuned.


Classic Speed Inc – Mustangs from Manila

It’s not too often we hear about an established Mustang builder producing cars out of an old aircraft hanger. And certainly not one based in the Southern Hemisphere. Though that’s just what Classic Speed Inc are doing. It’s time the other side of the world can rejoice! Located in the Philippines at the former US Air Force Base Clark Field, 90 km’s north of Manila. The re-born “Special Economic Zone” was established after the US Military left following the eruption of Mount Pinatubo. This zone rejuvenation has provided the perfect location for the guys at Classic Speed. Positioning them well to setup a large scale operation maily aimed at Australian and New Zealand clients.

Classic Speed seem to specialise in right-hand-drive Mustang conversions and after arriving by sea freight from the USA the cars clear customs and are delivered to the factory where work begins on either custom cars already purchased by clients or cars destined for the showroom floor.

You can choose to buy a car straight off said floor and in which case in will take approximately 8-weeks to land in Australia from Manila. More obviously to the USA or Europe.

Though if you choose to go down the custom route the team there will work with you to create your one of a kind vehicle. Depending on the customers specifications the build will typically take 10 – 12 months.

However one thing also encouraged by the team at Classic Speed is to fly into Manila and visit the factory in person. They will also arrange some laps at the local international race track to help you choose which Mustang fits you. Bonus!

One thing is for sure, if we’re ever in the Manila area we’ll be stopping by for a visit.

Check out their photos below courtesy of Top Gear Philippines

Be sure to check out their Facebook page and their detailed website

Classic Recreation’s new Right Hand Drive 900s

It’s the 790hp beast we reported about almost year ago to this day and now there’s a fantastic looking right hand drive version on it’s way to its happy owner.

It remains to be seen what kind of a premium is added on to the investment, if any, for a right hand drive version, but it’s clear by the video and pictures below that Classic Recreations have nailed it. The attention to detail is astounding and although we don’t have the build sheet for this exact model we can see it has had a few upgrades. One of which is the audio system.

Take a look for yourself. One can only dream.

[VIDEO] Jason Engel of Classic Recreations Talks RHD Shelby Convertibles

This year at the SEMA show in Las Vegas Classic Recreations showcased their first right hand drive convertible Shelby GT500CR

The car, built for a customer in Singapore, was finished with all new machined parts supplied by Dynacorn specifically for a right hand drive version.

In this newly released video Classic Recreations owner, Jason Engel, takes us through the build process and his thoughts behind their very first right hand drive convertible Shelby.

RRS Now Offering RHD Kits & Deluxe RHD Dash Possibly On The Way!


For Australians and the British It’s always been a big problem when converting your mustang to right hand drive trying to find someone who can do a good job and not ruin your beautiful car. It’s been incredibly hard trying to find a Mustang in it’s original right hand drive, as not many were sold in Australia back in the 60’s. And for those who didn’t know no Mustangs came out of the [Read more…]