New Products From RRS – Air Con, Extractors, Fuel Tank and More

As far as new products go we’ve not seen anything new from the RRS camp in a while. The good news is that they have been busy building up reader Michael’s project car with all the latest products and now it seems some of these products will be available to all. These include an all new electronic Air conditioning unit specifically built with RHD cars in mind and new Fuel Tank with sender for a fuel injected motor [Read more…]

RRS Release New Tilt Steering Column & Modular V8 Conversion

RRS has bolstered their product line with two new items; a right hand drive chrome finished tilt collapsible steering column and a 5.4 Modular V8 Engine Conversion kit. However the tilt column is what excites me most. It’s yet another product, joining the dash kit and bezels, in their right hand drive line of products. With more and more right hand drive aftermarket products for the vintage Mustang it positions RRS as a leader in markets such as Australia and the United Kingdom where right hand drive restorations are in high demand. [Read more…]

RRS Now Offering Complete Custom RHD ‘Eleanor’?

I often check the RRS site for new products and modern innovations for the vintage Mustang and this week they’ve updated their site with a brand new package for those after a right hand drive (RHD) Mustang. Previously RRS has only offered things suck as suspension parts, brakes and modern upgrades to improve the handling of vintage cars but more recently they have begun selling complete cars or chassis such as the Dynacorn bodies and in fact are the Australian distributor for right hand drive Dynacorn shells, however the new package adds more to their simple chassis offerings by adding a full body kit that by the looks of the picture on their site can only be described as ‘Eleanor’ inspired [Read more…]

RRS Now Offering RHD Kits & Deluxe RHD Dash Possibly On The Way!


For Australians and the British It’s always been a big problem when converting your mustang to right hand drive trying to find someone who can do a good job and not ruin your beautiful car. It’s been incredibly hard trying to find a Mustang in it’s original right hand drive, as not many were sold in Australia back in the 60’s. And for those who didn’t know no Mustangs came out of the [Read more…]