CR Supercars unveil “Villain” ’68 Mustang-Inspired supercar at SEMA

Award-winning coachbuilder Classic Recreations is proud to announce a new division, CR Supercars, dedicated to handcrafting turn-key supercars that fuse classic styling from the golden age of American muscle cars with the latest high-tech engine and chassis components to create world-class sports cars that are totally bespoke and turn-key. Debuted at the 2014 SEMA Show by Centerforce Clutches and MMA fighter Josh “The Warmaster” Barnett, the Mustang Villain is the first model from the CR Supercars lineup. Based on an iconic design but totally reimagined for 2015, the Villain marks an exciting departure for Classic Recreations, a company known for its world-renowned Shelby continuation cars.

Mustang Villain
The CR Supercars Mustang Villain starts life as an original 1968 Mustang Fastback. CR Supercars strips the car to a bare shell then updates the iconic sheet metal with new composite body panels that are crafted using the latest 3D mold making technology. Accented with subtle carbon fiber trim, the design accentuates the Mustang fastback’s timeless lines but improves aerodynamics and reduces weight. Once the new panels are fit to the car, it undergoes a 2,500 man-hour transformation. The car is rebuilt using cutting-edge performance tech, hand-rubbed custom paint and a custom-stitched interior. All of that creates the ultimate sports car: more unique then an Italian exotic and faster than anything from Detroit.

The Mustang Villain is powered by Ford Racing’s 420-HP all-aluminum DOHC 5.0L Coyote engine, which will be mated to a Tremec T-56 Magnum six-speed manual transmission through a Centerforce DYAD.

The Villain performs as well on a canyon road as it does in the quarter mile, thanks to a Detroit Speed Engineering suspension system that includes a hydro-formed Aluma-Frame fitted with Corvette-based A-arms, a QUADRAlink 4-link rear suspension and fully adjustable DSE/JRi coilovers. CR Supercars utilizes massive Wilwood six-piston 14-inch brakes at all four corners and sits them behind a custom set of 18-inch Grip Equipped Series Wheels by Forgeline.

The Villain marks the next level in performance from Classic Recreations. Its CR Supercars division is developing other exciting advanced-technology tribute cars. Look for another industry-rocking CR Supercars debut in the near future.


420-HP Ford Racing all-aluminum DOHC 5.0L Coyote


Tremec T5 five-speed

Suspension and Chassis:

Detroit Speed Aluma-frame with Corvette-based A-arms

QUADRAlink 4-link rear suspension
Fully Adjustable DSE/JRi Coilover System< Brakes:

Front and Rear: WIlwood six-piston caliper 14-inch brakes


Grip Equipped Series Wheels By Forgeline
Front: 18×9.5
Rear: 18×12


Front: 275/35/18
Rear: 335/30/18


Old Air Climate Control System
Kicker Audio Sound System

Classic Recreations Debut Coyote Powered ’67 GT500CR at SEMA

Custom coachbuilder, Classic Recreations, debuted its Coyote powered 1967 Shelby G.T.500CR in the Dynacorn booth at the 2013 SEMA Show. The Classic Recreations G.T.500CR is the only officially licensed 1967 Shelby Mustang in production, and this Coyote engine model features modern performance suspension, model specific bodywork, custom paint and hand-stitched upholstery to create a Shelby with classic Mustang styling and modern driving performance—a formula for which Classic Recreations is known .

Powered by a Ford Racing Coyote 5.0 crate engine, this G.T500CR has 490 horsepower and 429 ft-lb of torque at 4,250 RPMs. Like the 545 model, Classic Recreations begins with an original Mustang body by Dynacorn, completely stripping it down and adding modernized suspension, power rack and pinion steering and a Tremec five speed manual transmission to insert modern driving experience. Other features include Carroll Shelby signature rally series 1000 seats, larger 17×9.5 rear wheels and front and rear coilover suspension for modern sports car handling.

“If you like the graceful drivability of a modern G.T.500, but prefer the classic Mustang styling, this is the car for you,” said Classic Recreations owner, Jason Engel. “Classic Recreations combines modern technology with classic styling to create a best-of-both worlds experience. Now, customers can get a CR car with the same engine offered by Ford for the current Mustang.”

Classic Recreations also offers a G.T.500CR 900s model, which has all the features of the 545 model plus boosted power to 780hp with an F1-R Intercooled ProCharger supercharged engine. Other upgrades include a 200mph speedometer and racing-style bucket seats. The 900s also boasts suspension and chassis upgrades as well as 17×11″ rear wheels and wider ultra high performance Goodyear tires.

All G.T.500CRs are available in five different color schemes and features authentic Shelby Performance parts and a real Shelby Le Mans racing gas cap. The Classic Recreations cars also come with an official Shelby serial number, badges and are included in the official Shelby Worldwide Registry.

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[VIDEO] Jason Engel of Classic Recreations Talks RHD Shelby Convertibles

This year at the SEMA show in Las Vegas Classic Recreations showcased their first right hand drive convertible Shelby GT500CR

The car, built for a customer in Singapore, was finished with all new machined parts supplied by Dynacorn specifically for a right hand drive version.

In this newly released video Classic Recreations owner, Jason Engel, takes us through the build process and his thoughts behind their very first right hand drive convertible Shelby.

Classic Recreations Showcase right-hand-drive 1967 Shelby GT500CR Convertible

This past week at SEMA Classic Recreations showcased a very special GT500CR convertible. What was so special with it? Well it was a right hand drive model.

You may be thinking, “so what, Classic Recreations have built RHD models before” though this time the RHD parts for the interior and engine bay had to be custom fabricated to get the steering system moved over instead of using LHD parts just swapped over. This way the car looks like it came from the factory in its right hand drive configuration.

The car was built for a customer in Australia and you can see from the pictures below the quality is second to none. The exciting question now for Australian and United Kingdom Mustang enthusiasts is will Classic Recreations be producing and selling these custom fabricated RHD parts? We’ve put the question to owner Jason Engel and we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

It’s a great step forward for both the company and the Mustang restoration industry potentially opening up a whole new range of options for the budding restorer.

Pure Vision 1966 Martini T-5R Mustang Set for SEMA

Pure Vision are bringing a great 1966 Mustang to SEMA this week. The late Mustang will be extremely light weight and feature all new running gear under the hood in an effort to make the ultimate racing car.

Pure Vision tell us “We have taken the Lotus approach to building this car which is “to add speed, add lightness”. So the car features weight savings everywhere possible. But, we have used parts and materials from our 60’s time period. Example- fiberglass instead of carbon fiber. A light car means it can use a small light engine to do the job and be able to overcome the affects of inertia and gravity better that a heavy car. The 300 lbs. engine is all aluminum with magnesium covers and oil pan. The CR Racing transmission weighs in at only 63 lbs. All side and rear glass have been exchanged with plexiglass and the window regulators and wing window frames have been removed. All body panels including bumpers, except the body shell and doors have been replaced with fiberglass.”

“Under the car is where we hide the modern technology. Gone is the old factory suspension, and in its place is the brand new complete suspension from Detroit Speed. This is coupled with Wilwood brakes and one-off rims from Evod Industries that resembles the 4 spoke wheel on the 60’s Indy cars.”

The interior is Spartan and set up for rally racing, complete with dash mounted timers, toggle and kill switches and a navigator’s foot pedestal.

The T-5R Mustang will make its debut this coming Tuesday October 30 at the SEMA show.

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Martini Mustang Tech:

Engine- Ford Indy 4-cam. All aluminum 300 c.i. Custom built and
converted to EFI by Ed Pink Racing Engines.

Fuel Injection Control-TBA

Trans- CR Racing Inc. NASACR prepped 63 lbs. 4 speed

Bell housing, starter, clutch- Quartermaster. Aluminum

Suspension- Detroit Speed & Eng.
Front- Aluminum cradle, coil over, rack & pinion
Rear- Triangulated 4 link with 9” housing

3rd Member- CR Racing Inc. Nodular with built in pump.

Fasteners/Hardware- ARP.

Exhaust- Custom, Stainless

Radiator- CR Racing Inc. Aluminum. Upsized to a 1969 Mustang core.

Coolers and tanks- Aviaid

Rims- Evod Industries. 4 spoke styled after mid 60”s Indy car rims.
True pin drive with knock offs.

Tires- Kumho Ecsta V710 (rounded shoulder)
Rear 295/40R17
Front 245/45R17

Fiberglass body panels- Mayer Racing. Hood, fenders, front apron, and

Paint and body- Mick Jenkins

Interior- Pure Vision and Eric Thorsen Custom Upholstery

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