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Taking Toby’s Eleanor For a Drive

It’s been quite a few years posting about Toby’s project and the ups and downs that go with it. The […]

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[DELIVERED] Toby’s Eleanor Project is FINISHED!

That's right. After years of posting, talking, gloating and crying Toby's Eleanor project has finally been completed! The lucky guy took delivery from John just before Christmas

[UPDATE] Toby’s Project – Just When You Thought It Was Done

I know I'm always saying how close Toby's car is from completion. I've probably been repeating myself for months and months. But as we all know with restorations

[UPDATE] Toby’s Project Days From Delivery

It's been quite some time since I posted about Toby's project. It was almost finished back in June but since then John had quite a few setbacks. But

[UPDATE] Toby’s Eleanor Project – Ever So Close

It's been quite some time since I posted an update on Toby's Eleanor project. The car has been ever so close to completion for quite a while. This