Taking Toby’s Eleanor For a Drive

It’s been quite a few years posting about Toby’s project and the ups and downs that go with it. The fact that I had never actually seen the car in person yet knew just about everything about it meant there was only one more thing to do. That was to go and see it for myself. Unfortunately due to work commitments I’ve been overseas for a few years so when I had a chance to come back to Sydney and go and see the car I was way too excited. [Read more…]

[UPDATE] Toby’s Project – Just When You Thought It Was Done

I know I’m always saying how close Toby’s car is from completion. I’ve probably been repeating myself for months and months. But as we all know with restorations like this anything can happen. A few weeks back I posted on Toby’s overheating issues, the last hurdle before delivery. Turns out the problem was not a simple one. It involved buying a whole new engine! [Read more…]