Be The Envy of… Nobody with These Unique Performance T-Shirts

We all know about the public demise of the once powerhouse that was Unique Performance. Once loved by everyone for what they were doing in the vintage mustang restoration scene they quickly became one of the most despised companies after they were found to be using prisoners to build cars, not delivering on orders and losing hundreds of thousands of dollars of customer funds.

Once bankrupt the company was broken down and every little piece was sold off so creditors could recoup some of the $900,000 owed. Though these days most of the odds and ends from the Unique Performance auctions have been long used on other cars or sold off you still can find things like shifters and t-shirts popping up on eBay.

This seller is almost done with selling off his box of 50 Unique Performance t-shirts. At the time of writing only 3 are available. We certainly wouldn’t want to be wearing one of these around the local restoration shop. Did someone say awkward?


Shelby Authorized “continuation” Cars For Unique Performance Customers

Shelby Continuation Vehicles Deal

We’ve all heard the story of Unique Performance, the once unstoppable company pumping out some magnificent, official, Eleanor vehicles to cashed up customers. Their downfall consumed most of the stories about vintage mustangs of 2008 which included the police investigations into fraud, the use of prisoners to build their cars, the auctioning off of all assets and of course the hundreds of customers who lost thousands of dollars.

However news this week out of Carroll Shelby Licensing is sure to bring some joy to those customers who lost out. [Read more…]

Richard’s 815hp 1967 Shelby Super Snake Eleanor Mustang

Richard’s build has been one that myself and a lot of other ‘Eleanor’ enthusiasts and builders have looked up to. If one was to build an Eleanor Super Snake clone with no regard for cost than this would be it!

Richard has gone about building the ultimate tribute to the one and only Super Snake that Carroll Shelby built, which I featured a few weeks back.

The car is fortunate enough to have the last Shelby Aluminum 427FE engine [Read more…]