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Be The Envy of… Nobody with These Unique Performance T-Shirts

We all know about the public demise of the once powerhouse that was Unique Performance. Once loved by everyone for […]

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Yet Another Rosen Systems Auction Offloads Unique Performance Shells

We all remember the first and second Unique Performance auctions with the aim of recouping the some $1.37m dollars owed to the IRS. Well it seems they still

Shelby Authorized “continuation” Cars For Unique Performance Customers

We've all heard the story of Unique Performance, the once unstoppable company pumping out some magnificent, official, Eleanor vehicles to cashed up customers. Their downfall consumed most

Richard's 1967 Ford Mustang Super Snake Elenaor GT500

Richard’s 815hp 1967 Shelby Super Snake Eleanor Mustang

Richard's build has been one that myself and a lot of other 'Eleanor' enthusiasts and builders have looked up to. If one was to build an Eleanor