Taking Toby's Eleanor For a Drive

It’s been quite a few years posting about Toby’s project and the ups and downs that go with it. The fact that I had never actually seen the car in person yet knew just about everything about it meant there was only one more thing to do. That was to go and see it for myself. Unfortunately due to work commitments I’ve been overseas for a few years so when I had a chance to come back to Sydney and go and see the car I was way too excited. The sun was out in Sydney this week when I headed over to meet up with Toby. I was greeted with the car covered in the now impossible to find Carroll Shelby signature car cover once sold by Unique Performance. After taking this off I was so excited. There she was, there was Eleanor. The paint job was spectacular and the kit was fitted perfectly which is rare to find on Eleanors. After backing her out we took her on a cruise. The first thing I noticed was how much attention she drew. Countless cars pulled along side gawking and giving us the thumbs up. The sound from the exhaust, which comes out of the functional side pipes, was awesome. The gas tank was nearing empty so we pulled into what we thought was a quiet petrol station. Before Toby had even lifted the pump we had two people on us, looking inside and asking questions. More people stood and looked from afar. The car is a magnet for attention. Toby says there is some work still to do though. He said he’ll be adding in clear reverse lights with new LED’s that flash amber to make the car appear original. He’ll also be adding in a USA-630 radio that allows for USB, iPod and CD all while keep the unit looking original. We headed back satisfied after a great drive in the sun and with my eagerness to finish my car renewed I headed home. I want to thank Toby for a great day. As you can imagine I was too preoccupied with the drive to get a lot of photos. Below is all I could manage. [gallery] ]]>

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