The 705hp Naja 427 Eleanor Mustang

naja eleanor mustang I stumbled upon this beast earlier in the week. I know it’s heavily modified but hell it’s worth a post purely for the amount of work these guys have put into it. At a quick glance the car runs a bored and stroked 427 Carroll Shelby engine, a Tremec TKO 600 and air suspension. Named Naja, which I believe is another word for Cobra snakes, the car was built by a family of Mustang lovers, this one for the wife of the family. “We began looking around for a nice ’67 or ’68 fastback that would suit our needs. We finally located a car in Southern California that was being driven by an 18-year-old high school senior who was reluctantly selling the car to support his future college education. We liked what we saw, purchased the car and drove it to our home in Sacramento, California.” The car was handed to the guys at FE Specialists who built up the engine, an aluminum 427 that would produce over 700 horse power. The site has a complete run down of everything it took to build it, and when i mean complete I truly mean it. The site is broken out into the different sections such as; engine, interior, exterior and many more. I highly suggest you check out this beast. Though the only thing I don’t like is the side ways opening bonnet. Here’s the sites quick car summary: Powertrain Engine: Carroll Shelby aluminum 427 block which has been bored and stroked to 490 cubic inches with a 12.4:1 compression ratio and an Aviaid eight quart dry sump oiling system. The Edlebrock aluminum heads are topped with a tunnel wedge 2×4 intake manifold and plumbed with a NOS Pro-Shot fogger nitrous system and two Road Demon Junior 725 cfm carburetors. Custom two inch stainless steel headers and three inch stainless exhaust. Power: Dynamometer results, without the NOS system, produced 705 horsepower at 6300 rpm and 639 lb-ft of torque at 5000 rpm using Sunoco 110 fuel. Another 200 to 250 horse power is expected with the NOS system activated. Transmission: A Tremec TKO 600 five speed with a McCloud aluminum flywheel and clutch assembly, a Tilton hydraulic throw out bearing and a Lakewood bell housing. Rearend: Ford 9 inch housing with a triangulated four bar air suspension containing a Strange Engineering 3:73 posi third member with 35 spline induction hardened axels. With the 0.68:1 fifth gear the final drive ratio is 2.54:1. Chassis Frame: Art Morrison muscle car Max-G frame which was CAD engineered to consider the engine specifications, tire and wheel size, front and rear suspension components and braking requirements. The frame is mandrel-bent 2×4 steel with passages for the side exhaust and driveshaft which allow for a low center of gravity and ride height. Suspension: The Air Ride Technologies Ride Pro system components have found a home in the trunk area of the car and control the ride height of all four wheels using a Thomas compressor with a three-gallon tank and four way solenoids. The car is capable of attaining a ground clearance of less than 2 inches. Art Morrison’s steel tubular control arms provide precise steering control along with an AGR power assisted modified Mustang II rack and pinion system. Weight Distribution: Total weight is 3280 pounds with 1695 pounds up front (52%) and 1585 pounds in the rear (48%). Brakes: The braking is being handled by Wilwood SL6 six piston calipers with billet 13” vented rotors and controlled by Wilwood’s aluminum triple master cylinder pedal assembly containing a balance bar to accurately set brake pedal bias. Wheels: Everything is riding on American Racing’s Shelby Cobra 427 polished wheels. Up front are 17 x 8 inch, with a 4.75 inch backspacing, and 17x 9.5 inch, with a 5.75 inch backspacing on the rear. Tires: BF Goodrich G-Force KDWS T/A’s with 245/45ZR up front and 285/40ZR on the rear. STYLE Body: The only remaining Ford Mustang component of this car is the body shell, and it was extensively modified with an Eleanor style body kit which included the fender flares, upper and lower side scoops, trunk lid, hood and front fascia. All of these modifications were tediously fiberglassed in to give the car a molded seamless appearance. Paint: PPG black base coat with candy apple red over silver metal flake super snake and GT side stripes and five coats of clear coat. Interior: All interior and trunk panels were custom fabricated and covered with black leather including the upper and lower consoles and upper dash pad. The dash instrument bezel is filled with Classic Instruments Carroll Shelby edition gauges. The running lights, fog lights, fuel pump and fans are toggle switched inside the lower console along with the Air Ride control module. [Source] [gallery] ]]>

8 thoughts on “The 705hp Naja 427 Eleanor Mustang

  1. Interesting car, and an excellent site you have, came accross you whilst searching movie footage on you tube, for our my space page ( we are currently putting together, if you don’t want it on there, shoot us a mail and we can remove it,
    keep it up guy’s,….Terry

  2. i have a 1952 2 door hard top car and i would have to say this is one of the most amazing cars i have ever seen. i have been looking for a 67 fast back for quite a while and this is the best one i have seen.

  3. Hey man, thats one hell of a car u got there..have u checked out the obsidian yet.. i was thinking of buying it next year if its still the mustang!

  4. Nice car, I actually saw this one in person. They did a nice job on that one!! I just had my 1967 GT 500 Eleanor completed this last week. For anyone in Orange County, CA looking for help on the Eleanor build, call Mark at Scared Shiftless 714-348-7546. He built the car from the ground up and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect car both inside and out. This guy is second to none!

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