The Ford Mustang Station Wagon – The Pony That Never Was

Take a really good look at these photos. Yes, it is a Ford Mustang station wagon and doesn’t look quite good. This is not a factory wagon as Ford never produced any and so many custom builders produced their own including this example from eBay explains. “The story goes that in 1966 Italian coach builder Intermeccanica built a Mustang station wagon for advertiser Barney Clark and designer Bob Cumberford which showed up in many car magazines of the day. Supposedly Ford had a Mustang wagon in design stages around the same time but scrapped the program shortly after the Intermeccania cars appeared. The Intermeccania cars are often mistaken for a factory concept.” This example is not an Intermeccania car but does look quite good and went for $11,100. The car’s particulars include: 302 Engine with approximately 9000 miles, Edelbrock 4 Barrel Carburetor, Edelbrock Torker 302 Intake Manifold, Street TRack Cam, Electronic Ignition, Super Duty 4 Row Radiator and a Cobra Dress-Up Kit. The reserve was not met on the auction so it’s unsure if the car has found a new home but one thing is for sure this unique custom Mustang will turn heads on any camping trip away. Check out ebay for more pictures. [gallery] [eBay]]]>

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