The Oklahoman Tour Classic Recreation's Factory

Jason Engel Classic Recreations Mustang Eleanor Gone in 60 Seconds Oklahoman Newsok Last week The Oklahoman’s Gene Triplett spent the afternoon with Classic Recreations owner, Jason Engel. Jason was kind enough to give Gene a tour of the facility including the build shop and paint shop. Check out the video after the jump! In the six minute video Jason is very candid and gives the background of his company. He explains how they came to be able to produce the only ‘Official’ Gone In 60 Seconds Eleanor and explains what exclusive parts go into their builds. And of course towards the end Jason and Gene go for a quick spin in one of the finished cars. What I find really interesting is the custom ‘Gone In 60 Seconds‘ gauge cluster if you look closely. Check out the video!


6 thoughts on “The Oklahoman Tour Classic Recreation's Factory

  1. Thanks Justin,
    Cool video. Apologies for my lack of replies lately. Been flat out with work. gotta pay this car off somehow heh.

  2. My god … cam .. build .. build build ….
    Bro … lack of updates on YOUR car .. whats going on?
    Lottos on this week, get a ticket and if you WIN promise me you’ll buy me that car!

  3. I know mate. it’s killing me too.
    Although the updates are scare things are moving along.. i’m just paying of the 10.5k in bills from the fitting of the kit. Once that’s done it’s on to paint prep and interior.
    These bills for the kit are setting me back months though as the work was done upfront 🙁

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