report on another Shelby lawsuit

Shelby defend lawsuit It seems to go from bad to worse for Carroll Shelby and his many companies. First it was the help Shelby vs Unique Performance drama, which mind you is still going on, but now reports out of Hollywood from are that Denise Halicki, the daughter of Toby Halicki (1974, Gone in 60 Seconds) has filed a lawsuit claiming Carroll Shelby, Carroll Shelby International , Carroll Shelby Licensing, Carroll Shelby Engineering Inc, Carroll Shelby Motors Inc, Carroll Shelby Distribution Int. Inc, Carroll Hall Shelby Trust, Unique Motorcars Inc., Unique Performance Inc. and Sanderson Sales & Marketing as Defendants. Halicki is claiming since the remake of the original film there has been a “blatant theft of Eleanor” by manufacturing, marketing and selling of unauthorised “knock offs” of “Eleanor” featured in the remake. Click here to read the court fillings obtained by It’s a bit baffling that this has only come to light now, seven years after the movie. Either way it’s more unwanted attention for Carroll Shelby and Unique Performance.]]>

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