Twilight Star Cam Gigandet & His Eleanor Restomod

So I’ve not caught any of the Twilight, Vampire, True Blood or whatever those movies are but I’ve seen all the coverage they have been getting. Not my type of thing, though it has made this site for one reason only. Twilight star Cam Gigandet seems to have himself and Eleanor restomod Far from recent news though I just had to post it so we can all see how some more well known Eleanor lovers are finishing their projects, though I somewhat suspect Cam didn’t build this one himself. Have a look for yourself. Not really a fan of those wheels but hey, each to their own. [MustangHeaven] [gallery] ]]>

6 thoughts on “Twilight Star Cam Gigandet & His Eleanor Restomod

  1. The first edition of australian mustang and ford is out and golfer aaron baddeley’s eleanor is on the front cover and looks great.

  2. It’s evident he doesn’t have a Classic Recreations build…however, saying that a CR build isn’t an Eleanor…well, that’s just not right. Unique Performance and Classic Recreations were the only ones to actually make a production of the car. The U.P. cars are Shelby based, not Eleanors, and the CR cars are the only officially licensed Eleanors ever made.

  3. unless you were among the 150 cars that bought the closest to the movie car that being cinema vehicle services eleanor kit moulded from the same moulds that the movie car was! after that came the other companies which copied and refined there own style…

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