Unique Performance Shelby Super Snake CSE-SS058 For Sale

The company out of Farmers Branch, Texas was producing officially licensed Mustangs in partnership with Carrol Shelby. Only things fell apart when it came to light the company was using inmates from the local lockup for labour, and not only that. The inmates illegally removed the VINs from the Unique Performance cars. It all went pear shaped from there. Customers lost money and Shelby pulled out.. Enter the authorities and threat of prosecution but not before they went bankrupt. Annd breathe! This car however, looks like it will be a shadow of it’s former past. The sellers are undertaking the task of upgrading and fixing all the Unique Performance issues for the new owner. The upgrades are quite extensive, though all stem from the poor build quality that Unique Performance were renowned for. To see a full list of the upgrades that are to be carried our before sale you can check them out HERE. Though we’re a little confused as we reported the same model, SS058, going up for auction in 2012. As you can see on that link the car was black. As also stated here on the auction site. Either way the car looks nice. Which reminds us. Where is Doug Hasty these days? Sale listing

For Sale is a 1967 Licensed Shelby Continuation Super Snake CSE SS058; one of 43 Super Snakes completed by Unique Performance. This vehicle is completely untouched as it left the factory in June of 2005 and with 292 miles now showing on the odometer. The vehicle is currently at Revved Automotive Concepts, the experts in servicing these Licensed Shelby vehicles built by Unique Performance, and is slated for the standard upgrade package to address the production issues known to exist with these vehicles. This vehicle is being offered for sale prior to the upgrade package for $175,000 giving a new owner the opportunity to select any additional upgrades during the service process. This Super Snake is most likely the highest quality untouched Super Snake we have encountered with regards to body, paint, and mechanical build quality. The vehicle will be undergoing an extensive upgrade package to address the production issues known to exist with these vehicles including a rebuild of the 468 ci all aluminum supercharged FE engine with the correct compression ratio, and upgraded cylinder heads to produce the advertised 725 hp level. The upgrades will be in process while the vehicle is being marketed for sale, allowing a new owner to buy in during the process and take over the expense of the upgrades and select any number of additional options to improve drivability, performance, and overall driving enjoyment. Please visit our UP Upgrades page for information regarding these upgrades. Below will be a listing of the upgrades slated to be performed on SS058. For service done to a comparable vehicle please visit our SS020 gallery here. Once the upgrades are completed the vehicle will be listed for sale at $250,000 Please contact Sean at Revved Automotive Concepts for further information. 817 403 8565
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