[Update] Adam’s LHD And RHD Supercharged Cars – Eleanor & Angelina [w/video]

Back in April I posted about Adam’s LHD and RHD Supercharged Eleanors that were being built here in Australia. Well it’s been a few months and I have a nice update for you all. Last week Adam informed me that the LHD car was now on the road! “I am planning to eventually pay for these cars by driving them in weddings and for special occasions.” Adam says he always wanted a signature car, but the problems were finding one, maintaining it and of course the cost involved so he settled on the Mustang “The Mustangs were a good choice because they are very popular so parts are easy to get. The Eleanor Mustangs are great too because they are exclusive. We are building two Eleanor fastbacks to run with our chauffer and wedding car business. One is Left hand drive and one is Right hand drive.” As you can see Adam seems pretty busy already using the car for weddings as mentioned above and I’d dare say a hell of a lot of cruising the streets. It’s always good to see projects reach the end of their restoration as more often than not these projects take so long we never hear what happens to them, mine included! Take a look. Thanks to Adam for the update. Can’t wait to see that RHD next. [gallery]


7 thoughts on “[Update] Adam’s LHD And RHD Supercharged Cars – Eleanor & Angelina [w/video]

  1. Hi mate, loving the car.. What engine is in it? it didn’t sound like the “normal” Elinor engine when it drove past the camera… awesome car though, when (if) i get married i’ll be looking you up…. :o)

  2. thanks Blair, I do joyrides too and just listed one on ebay. The engine is a supercharged ford v8 with straight a straight through muffler and it runs 3 inch from the extractors to the mufflers then 2 1/2 out the sides!

  3. Just wanted to say a special Thanks to KARL and MARK for all their work on my car(s)and late nights and early mornings (you know which ones!!) As well as everyone else who has contributed!

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