[Update] Adam’s Mustangs & Driving The Dream

almost a year! The good news is things have been going great for Adam after starting his very own business as a Mustang car hire company. Which, to be honest, is something I know I’d love to do. Earn a dollar whilst doing what you love. Driving your dream car! You may remember last year Adam was the proud owner of two cars. Eleanor and Angelina. Well now he’s added a coupe to the lineup which he’s dubbed ‘Memphis’ which has recently been painted and finished and says “It has now been approved by the engineer as possibly a world first being the only licensed and registered 5 seat Eleanor I know of!” You can see how that would be a plus for any hire car business. Especially for weddings. The car was from Tennessee as a father/son project. “It didn’t need too much on importing to get sorted and up to scratch. We nicknamed this one Memphis: The 5 seater coupe! It still has a big 351 V8 and side exhausts as well as the 67 Shelby rear lights and trims. It’s now the correct pepper grey and black so matches perfectly with our supercharged fastback.” Adam said. The original car I featured is going strong as Adam explains. “Eleanor is still a blast to drive. A couple of little items mechanically and body wise have had to be tidied up but it has been so busy winter. She certainly does need time to enjoy the celebrity life style and everyone who books the car falls in love with her.” So that just leaves the third car is his collection, Angelina. “I went away from the RHD conversion given that I am happy with Eleanor being a LHD and have decided to get the old girl finished off asap.” He said. “Basically everything except the skirts and the fitting of the guards and bonnet is done (incl engine, trans and seats), so looking to get her finished now. She already has bookings queing up for her!” I must say having three cars is something most of us dream of. I still cannot wait to get my hands on my car, one day, when she’s finished. But I must congratulate Adam on the time and effort he’s put into it. Thanks for sharing your passion with us. If you’re in Australia I can’t recommend Adam and his team enough. Just remember if you do see these beauties in the flesh remember to send us the photos! You can contact Adam at www.musthavemustangs.com.au or by phone (AUS Only) on 1300 MUSTHAVE [gallery] ]]>

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  1. Hi, great site you have going here! Probably a stupid question but what type/spec of Mustang is the one with the number plate XJU 450?

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