Update: Bi-Xenon Projector Headlight Project Almost Done

I posted about my second attempt at a superior headlight system for the Mustang, this time a Bi-Xenon headlight setup which would be a big step up from the single Xenon project I did a year or so ago. Well good news is it’s taking shape and looks damn fine! Check out the pics after the jump. My mate who is putting them together for me is great. He’s quick and his attention to detail is great! Though we do have one problem which I knew we would encounter. Last time with the single Xenon setup it was very tight for space in the car, you could maybe fit a few fingers in before you hit the fram of the engine bay which would make it extremely hard to change the globe but it was do-able. Now with the Bi-xenon projectors we’re hell out of room. The projectors themselves are longer. From the front of the headlight lens to the back of the projector without the ignitor cap on is about 5.5″ long. With the ignitor, we are probably looking at about 6″ at least. So all together with some type of rear covering, we are going to be looking at a total length of 6.5″ long at the very most and probably about 6″ girth for the covering of the projector in the rear. But this is all ok. I’ve spoken to John, my builder, and if we must we can cut into the frame, I think that’s what it’s called. Now don’t freak out. We’ve seen this done before with other light setups. Just a small round hole to enable the back of the light to be accessible to change globes and what not. Anyway take a look at the photos. Looks GREAT! [gallery]]]>

5 thoughts on “Update: Bi-Xenon Projector Headlight Project Almost Done

  1. Looking good man ! Im looking forward to see that fitted to your car to see how it looks on eleanor.
    Are you going modern with the LED tail lights as well ?

  2. This might but a dumb question but I’ve read your posts a couple times and had a question.
    So where did you buy the actual housing to hold the projector? The ones I’ve don’t have that clear lenses as what’s in your final completed headlight.
    Great site.

  3. If you’ve now changed to these headlights, what did you do with your old single Xenon setup? I’m sure by this point that you’ve already sold them, but if not, I may be interested.

  4. Was wondering if you guys are going to be selling these lights…and if theyre already being sold where can I buy them. I have a 69 Fastback and I really think theses lights would be perfect for it. I dont like tho original lights…they make the face of the car look like its surprised 🙂 But I want it to look more aggressive and slick and smaller lights like these do just that.

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