[Update] – Damian’s 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback “Kimberly”

damian-kimberly-eleanor-aug09_cover Wow, what a transformation this car has had over the months! Damian got in touch today with a whole heap of photos showing the progress of his ‘Kimberly‘ Eleanor project. Last time I posted an update the car was ready for paint. Now the paint has been laid down she looks tantalizingly close to completion. Damian must be extremely pleased. Here’s what Damian had to say. “I just went south yesterday to look at Eleanor/Kimberly and can I tell you that I am pumped. She looks great and is finally starting to look like something I would take out on a date. After I took these images she is heading off for a wet block and another couple of coats silver and clear to get a bit more depth in the paint. The guys at Mustangs and Australia Classics are doing an excellent job and I like to say a big thanks to Luke as the prep work he has done on Eleanor is out of this world. Next step is the boot, hood and nose cone these will be done by the end of the month. Then the fun part starts putting her back together so I will be able to send you more frequent updates. The 347 Boss with Blower is about half way done. And the guys are currently in the USA picking up the exhaust, roll cage and having the dash signed by Mr Shelby himself.” Well it seems like it’s coming together quick for Damian. Check out the photos below and stay tuned for some more updates coming thick and fast. Thanks for the update Damian, she looks amazing. [gallery] ]]>

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