Yet Another Rosen Systems Auction Offloads Unique Performance Shells

bell0060 We all remember the first and second Unique Performance auctions with the aim of recouping the some $1.37m dollars owed to the IRS. Well it seems they still had some of Unique’s shells to part with and managed to auction them off this past week. Of the three shells they had two with signs of rust and one of which looked like a rust bucket. Though the one good one seemed to have been painted and in really good condition and sold for $US12,500. Which is actually a great deal compared to a knew Dynacorn body. Here’s a good summary from 67fastbackshell on the Eleanor forums. “I guess that is a pretty good deal when you compare it to a dynacorn shell for 16,000. Granted, the car will probably need to be resprayed once the doors, trunklid, and upper nose are fit, but still you are starting out ahead with a 800.00 set of fenders, 400 worth of scoops, 100 taillamp panel, a 500 lower nose, a 150 nose bracket, 200 worth of decklid endcaps, 400 worth of rear flares, a 800.00 hood and not to mention that the body work has been finished-minus doors, upper nose, and decklid of course. Then you have to add in the metal upgrades-tubbed wheel wells, side exhuast cut outs, heater hose tubing in passenger shock tower, reinforcements added to the shock towers, cut outs in cowl, cowl vent holes welded shut, roll bar, etc. Im pretty sure you would have to pay about 20,000 to get a shell into the condition.” All three were sold without VIN numbers and a bill of sale only. Head over to Rosen Systems to take a look. [Source] [gallery]]]>

3 thoughts on “Yet Another Rosen Systems Auction Offloads Unique Performance Shells

  1. Helluva blog you have here mate, keep up the good work.
    I’m a 20 something Mustang [1967] enthusiast from europe who dreams about restoring one to look like one of those posted here.
    BTW, do you own some sort of a work manual for your car? If so, where did you get one? I guess that would be a good place to start my 30 year restoration project. 😉

  2. Hi mate,
    No, no work manual I’m afraid. The guys building my car have many many years of knowledge restoring and building cars so they know what they are doing.
    Thanks for the compliments!

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