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67mustangblog iphone summary It’s been a long time coming but I thought I might as well make the site accesible on your Iphone and other high end devices. Basically it came about from me trying to load the site while in transit from home to work and other places. It took too long to load through 3G. I’ve now found a nice way to make the site Iphone friendly. You’ll find the site loads a lot quicker and is very easy to navigate. What better is all the functionality is still there. You can easily navigate to posts, check images, browse to the various pages and also access the archives. So go ahead and check it out. Put the site in your bookmarks, post some comments on the way to work. All you need to do is to simply point your phone to http://67mustangblog.com/ Now im told that the site will display like this on other high end phone devices but I have only been able to test on the Iphone. And lastly, if you still preferthe old version of the site scroll down to the bottom of any page and you can toggle to switch back. If you have any feedback on it please let me know. [gallery] ]]>

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