Classic Recreations Unveil GT500CR Prototype

14crshelbygt500cr cover Well it’s been a bit of a wait since we saw the intitial concept drawings of Classic Recreations new offering in partnership with Carroll Shelby, but now they have finally unveiled a prototype model that looks badass! checkout the pics after the jump. The new models take some of the Eleanor stylings but also attempts to keep the vintage Shelby look. Believed to be starting at $US119,000 the base model will sport a 427 C.I Crate Engine pumping out a tidy 545 bhp while the top end ‘Venom’ model will crank out a whopping 780 bhp. Certainly from the photos below the car looks amazing with lots of thought and work going into it. Stay tuned to this site over the next few weeks as we’ll have an exclusive HD video of the reveal from Las Vegas! [gallery] ]]>

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