[eBay Find] 1970 Mustang Boss 302 Barn Racer

eBay was purchased new in 1970. It was originally Lime Green Metallic with Ivy Green interior. Early on it was converted into a racing vehicle and was competitively raced and until 1976. From there it was sold off and stored in a barn for 15 years.

This is a former race car that was road raced and drag raced in the 70s. It does not have any affiliation with Holman & Moody. Documentation did exist at one time but I did not get any when I bought the car. The original parts that were removed from this car are also gone; sold off years ago before anyone knew future parts values. What is included (but not shown and from a 69 fastback) is a complete IP, wiring harness, front bucket seats, and rear seats and trim to be able to return the car back to stock and make it streetable.
It’s quite a unique find and is currently up for auction on eBay. At the time of writing it was without bids still at the $30,000 starting price. [eBay] [gallery]]]>

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