First Production Ford Mustang On eBay: Only $5.5 Million!

5million cover I had case of deja vu when I read about this and that’s because I posted about it over a year ago. It’s the alleged to be the first mustang ever produced and sold to the public and once again it’s for sale for the bargain price of $US5.5 million I’m not sure if it’s the price tag but it seems like they’ve had some trouble offloading this car which is said to be a 1964 1/2 Mustang convertible #100212, and is believed to be the first Mustang built on the assembly line, on the first day of retail production! And the reason why they believe it is the first is because in 45 years, no other documented delivery date of April 16 has been produced. The car was delivered with the following options: Wimbleton White- Base 260 2V V8 Engine- Cruise-O-Matic Transmission- Rally Pac- Power Brakes- Power Steering- Power Convertible Top- Padded Visors- Back Up Lights- Heavy Duty Battery- Full Length Console- Tinted Windshield- Pushbutton Radio and Antenna- Rocker Panel Mouldings- Wheel Covers Deluxe with Spinners- Magic Aire Heater Delete and Credit- Seat Belt Delete and Credit- White Wall Tires- Outside Mirrors (2)__Compass- Inside Day- Night Mirror 2 Spd Electric Wiper and Washer. So if you’re in the market for a 45 year old 5.5 million dollar car then you’re in luck. There’s still a few days left on the auction, I somehow think it won’t sell but you never know. [Ebay] via [Jalopnik] [gallery] ]]>

5 thoughts on “First Production Ford Mustang On eBay: Only $5.5 Million!

  1. Having worked on this car, ridden in it, and arrainged the Ford wedding use, I am very familiar with this car. The late owner was a Mustang expert and knew it was the 1st sold in Fla, but it is doubtful that these claims are valid. I have requested documentation from them, so I will wait & see if it is produced. Without specific documentation, claims such as ths can be mere conjecture and may not be correct.

  2. I’ve seen a lot of info about the car, and while I don’t doubt the validity of what they claim, I think they’re marketing based off of a technicality more than anything else. It’s not mustang 100001, it’s not the first mustang built, it’s just the first mustang built on the first “official” day of production, so they say. Who cares enough to blow 5.5m on this car???

  3. Car is a scam. Owners claim it’s the first car on the first day, but number 211 just showed up in public, and it has the same date code as 212.

  4. Yeah, It’s great that #211 has shown up now.. It puts this car back to where it should be…Around $30,000.00 I love it. Tony Kovar, 1966 Sprint 200 Registry, MCA#70001

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