Foose Design sevre ties with Unique Performance

Chip Foose Design Logo Chip Foose Design It seems everyone is trying to distance themselves from the Unique Performance fiasco and the latest to jump ship is Foose Design and the companies namesake, Chip Foose. In a statement released last week the company said effective immediately they have “terminated all licensing and all business activities with Texas-based Unique Performance, Unique Performance Concepts and related companies.” This latest news has to be another kick in the guts for the Texas based Unique Performance who are facing criminal charges for alleged title washing not to mention court action for breach of copyright on the ‘Eleanor’ name. The latest news in is Unique is going chapter 7 (liquidation of all assets). From all accounts Unique Performance is dead. Here is the press release from Foose.

FOOSE DESIGN TERMINATES ALL LICENSING AND BUSINESS ACTIVITIES WITH UNIQUE PERFORMANCE EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (Nov. 9, 2007) – Foose Design announced today that effective immediately it has terminated all licensing and all business activities with Texas-based Unique Performance, Unique Performance Concepts and related companies. This termination includes the limited production of all vehicles formerly licensed to Unique including but not limited to, the Foose Mustang Stallion, Foose Camaro, Foose Challenger, Foose Motorcycle and the sales and marketing of the “Hemisfear”, also known as the “Foose Coupe”, manufactured by Metalcrafters. Foose Design has clearly stated that it no longer has any affiliation with Unique, and encourages customers to understand that Unique no longer has any rights to Foose intellectual property, the Foose name, image, likeness, logos or designs regarding any project. Chip Foose, the winner of an unrivaled three “Ridler” Awards, and the Foose Design team have worked for more than eight months to resolve issues relative to Unique’s problems but ultimately found it necessary to sever their relationship with Unique Performance. Foose Design does not manufacture production vehicles rather it specializes in designing and fabricating custom built, one-of-a-kind custom cars. Foose Design created the concept for a prototype vehicle to be built under its license to Unique. Chip Foose builds a special bond with every Foose vehicle owner and it causes him great stress to see this situation occur. Chip has worked tirelessly through the years to build his company, brand and image, which it works diligently to protect, both for itself and Chip’s collectors and fans. Foose Design is working with its legal staff to consider possible action against Unique Performance.
“Possible legal action against Unique Performance” wow! and so the plot thickens. Stay tuned for more updates. ]]>

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