Gauges…all hail Autometer gauges!

So the movie car had the original guages in it, although it had an Autometer monster tacho fitted. I don’t wanna go the monster tacho way, but I do want to go the Autometer way. Basically I wanted it to look like this:

So after checking out Autometer and seeing them in other cars I started to hunt them down. But again it wasn’t as easy as thought, being in Australia we use Kilometers Per Hour (KPH) better known as metric. So I had to order the Metric series of the guages, which I decided where the Ultra-lite Pro Comp range. Here is what I needed: 5″ Electrical Speedo – 4489-M 5″ 10K Tachometer – 4498 2 5/8″ Fuel – 4415 2 5/8″ Water – 4431-M 2 5/8″ Oil Pressure – 4427 After a lot of searching I found a guy in the states who ordered them for me through Autometer directly. Funnily enough I found him on Ebay selling guages, so I just emailed him. Turned out really cheap as well. Here they are:
Autometer Metric Gauges Mustang Dash Cluster

5 thoughts on “Gauges…all hail Autometer gauges!

  1. Hey Cameron,
    Just wondering how your going with the gauges? Im looking at the new mxc series gauges from autometer but still in mph, and they dont make kmh as you already know. Did you have to get some one to do a calibration and make a new face for the speedo? Or are you just leaving it as mph and being careful??
    Gauges will be going into a vk commodore project of mine. Trying to make it a little different from the other hundreds there are, thats why I like the new mxc gauges. Hope you can help and get back to me soon.

  2. Hey Paul,
    No progress onthat front I’m afraid. Car has been stripped off the body kit and is at the converters now. So the dash will be done soon. So the gauges and interior are not far off. I’ve got some news that I’ll post about soon which will enable me to get the car done quicker too which is exciting.
    As you can see from my links in this post I’m using the Autometre ‘Ulta-Lite’ series which actually do come in a KPH version. it’s known has the ‘metric series’ but you only need this for the Water and the Speedo as the tacho, fuel and oil temp are universal (just follow the product links above)
    At the time they were the only ones I could find that cam in metric or KPH.
    Don’t worry though i’ll be sure to post any updates when we get around to working them into the dash.
    Sorry I couldn’t be more helpfull.

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