Menora Motors Eleanor Mustang Walkaround Videos

menoramustangs_eleanor These guys seem to be quite new on the scene or maybe I’m just starting to hear about them. They deal in classic vehicles “from classic American and collectible European to modern luxury and the ultra-exotic” Recently they have been pushing some Eleanor Mustangs they have acquired, which is nothing new, I would imagine there are lots of companies selling Eleanor recreations. However the reason for this post is to show off the videos these guys have made to help sell their cars. They are simply wonderful. Even if you have no intention of buying them, the videos are a great way to imagine what it would be like to own one! The first video is of a nice example which Menora states they built for a client in Turkey. It features some custom work on the wheels with some nice gold paint. I really love the interior with correct brushed aluminium door panels unlike the ones in the second video. It has all the little things that make me smile, the functional side exhaust, original deluxe seats, steering wheel and correct Raydot mirrors like the movie car. However what I don’t like is how they haven’t removed the antenna coming out of the front fender and not painting the rear steel bumper. The second one looks amazing, especially how it sits so low, it has an aggressive stance. It features the pro-car seats, bullet style mirrors but the interior i don’t like too much. Little things like the painted door panels, the ugly looking steering wheel and even the NOS switch facing the driver and not forward. Yes I’m very picky. So enjoy. The second one is my favourite, but the first is great also especially if you love the sounds of someone mowing their lawn.


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