RRS 3 Link Rear Suspension Purchased

3linkcomponents Well it’s been quite some time since I bought parts for my project. I can’t even remember what the last thing I bought was. Though this week I felt the urge to spend a bit of cash, mainly because RRS had a great deal going on for their rear suspension kits but also because I was just itching to have something happen with my project. So here is what I got. The RRS 3 Link Watts Rear Suspension Kit. The RRS site says this. “The RRS 3-link is designed to transform the handling of an early Ford chassis to match or exceed the demands of new millennium performance production Fords.” The outcome of installing an RRS 3-link rear suspension kit is a superior ride and neutral handling characteristics able to handle high torque loads and reducing chassis beaming and torsioning effects which makes the chassis a more stable platform. At A Glance – Extra long torque arm for better road control – Bolt in construction – Adjustable ride height – Coil over shocks for 2-inch drop, 3 inch drop or 4 inch drop – Quality chrome silicon steel springs The deal was too good to be true, though it meant it didn’t come with a Diff Housing or U-Bolts, but no matter as we already have this. This is going ot go great with the RRS stuff I already have which include the RHD power rack & pinion steering and the front suspension and disc brake kit. So basically that just leaves two more major thing for me to purchase from RRS, the rear disc brake kit and possibly the RHD dash panels if and when they have matching plastics. Anyway more to come. [gallery]]]>

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  1. Firstly you will need to check the Fork and Shock sag: this is the amount the
    forks and rear shock settle under load. To measure it do the following: push down
    on the forks a number of times to settle them, then mark the stanchion with a felt
    pen or put a cable tie where the dust seal is sitting.

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