1967 – 68 Eleanor Mustang Go-baby-go Black Shifter Ball

For those out there that just have to have the exact movie-correct Eleanor from the 2000 remake of Gone In Sixty Seconds it often means buying the famous Go-baby-go shifter ball of eBay. Now though, Stangaholics is retailing what looks like a higher quality version. So go on, ad some nitrous to your Eleanor! It’s not something all Mustang lovers will want, or like for that matter, but if you’re like me and must have a movie correct Eleanor a quality peice like this is a must. The kit includes Wiring, Relay & Socket, Adjustment Nut And Black Ties, 2 Inch Shifter Ball, 3/8 – 16 Threads. And while you’re at it why not get that Nitrous Switch Plate and that just leaves the ‘remove before flight’ tag. It’s the little things that make the car. Happy driving! [gallery] ]]>

6 thoughts on “1967 – 68 Eleanor Mustang Go-baby-go Black Shifter Ball

  1. Hi Michael,
    Most of the sites in the states do ship internationally though i’ve found they don’t have this setup on their websites. Try emailing them directly. I know places like NPD, mustangsunlimited and cobranda ship to Australia.

  2. They will ship to Australia,i bought my radiator cover off them.They stuffed it up and sent me a new one free of charge and let me keep the stuff up cover.Very good to deal with

  3. I am looking for a Shelby GT500 kit car to build. Where will I be able to get one as a project for me and my son.In Australia.

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