RRS Strut Brace and Under Dash Booster Available

RRS ONline Under Dash Booster Kit Back in April last year I reported about RRS‘s new Strut Tower Brace’s and Under Dash Brake Booster. Well it’s been a good 8 months but they are now available to purchase. The Strut Tower Brace is advertised as providing “unique chassis reinforcement” which “reduces beaming and torsioning (chassis flex) improving road holding and steering accuracy.” It also is accompanied with some nice roded billet top caps, although i much prefer it without but I’m just nitpicking. The under dash booster kit is used to eliminate the firewall mounted Booster & Master Cylinder. The kit incorporates a Master Cylinder & Booster into an “RRS designed pedal box (tower) complete with all mounting hardware as a straight bolt in replacement.” I haven’t heard back about prices as yet and cannot find them online, but RRS parts are usually reasonably priced so i wouldn’t be too worried about that. I’ll have to do some research because I’m not too sure if I will need either of these items. It’s more like a want rather than a need so to speak if you know what I mean.

RRS Online Strut Brace Kit

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